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You will find lots of useful information here. These are garage door repair FAQs for consumers.

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Why would I select the wooden garage door?

The wooden garage doors offer the most personalized and decorative choices. They provide security and insulation but they are a little pricey. According to professionals at Garage Door Repair Glencoe, the challenge of these types of garage doors is that they tend to expand or contract depending on the temperature. It is recommended to widen out your selection.

Is a window necessary in my garage door?

A window is an optional part of your garage door. It can be located on the 3rd or 4th portion of the upper part of the garage door. Windows can help ventilate your garage area. But if you want security, it must be secured with proper lock and seals. Hence, choosing to put a window on your garage door is a personal choice.

What can I do if my garage door is crooked?

Garage door repair pros caution Glencoe garage owners to refrain from doing anything on their own. In case the door has gone off track, the cables and torsion springs ought to be recalibrated but only by a professional, such as our experts. As a precautionary measure remove all dirt and debris from the track regularly and checks if the bolts that hold the track are not loose.

Do all garage doors have an emergency release cord?

Most garage systems do have a red release cord but not all of them. Older ones without the release cord would have a handle or you might need to unbolt the arm from the opener and door if you want to operate the door manually.  You might need to get a new opener.

How to select the right insulated door?

The insulation factor of a door is represented by its R-value. This means resistance to heat flow. It is vital to choose a garage door that is consistent with your lifestyle and your local climate. When deciding on the R-value of your door that best fits your needs, you can ask for help from our garage door repair Glencoe experts.

Can I do something to prolong the door's lifespan?

The best way to prolong the lifespan of garage doors is to take care of all parts as often as possible. The system must be maintained at least once a year and checked even more frequently so that problems will be taken care the right way and on time. Lubrication maintenance is also essential. It protects parts and prolongs their lifespan.

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