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When to Get Rid of Your Old Garage Door

07/31/2014 Back To Blog

The garage door serves as the main point of entry for homes these days. Thus, it has to be built with quality and high level of security. Older models of overhead doors and newer ones differ in a lot of ways, and as the homeowner, you are the one who knows very well when you need a garage door replacement. These doors break after several years of daily wear and tear. They could even be a source of injury when they fall.When to Get Rid of Your Old Garage Door

Reasons to Consider Replacement

You will notice that as your door ages, it slowly poses inconvenience. Parts may need repair from time to time, especially when it gets out of track, or the springs need to be replaced. They can be hazardous for anyone in the garage. Older models lack safety features such as sensors that stop the door from closing once it senses an object on the ground right where it closes. If you have kids or pets, these sensors are very helpful to prevent injuries. If you are also considering remodeling your house and your old garage door just do not suit the look you plan to have, then you should really replace existing garage door.

A new automatic garage door installation offers many advantages. One of these is to better secure your home. New units have this rolling code feature on the remote. This prevents someone from knowing the code since it is constantly changing. Another is energy efficiency. You can choose insulated doors if you feel like you need it, so you can save energy and ad comfort to everyone in the household. Modern garage doors are also found in more styles than before. Professionals in the field recommend installing a new door if your unit has reached the springs’ lifetime and take advantage of the advanced features seen in new doors.

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